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So a healthy diet is your bag?

Welcome to the site map for

On this page you can find everything you wanted to know about how food and supplements can affect your health...with more  info coming all the time. So check this site map often or sign up at left for the RSS feed. This will mean you'll never miss a new page.

Take a look around. Hopefully you'll find the topic you're interested in or concerned about for yourself or a loved one whether it relates to health, good food or specific nutrients.

If you don't see what you want, drop me a line. My contact details are below.

If you're on this page you're likely as interested as I am in how food and  nutrition can both help and hinder your health. Let me know, if there's a topic about food and nutrition that you want to learn more about. The research is changing all the time.

Information about what we eat and how it affects us for better or worse should not be exclusively the domain of experts. We can all know about what diet can do for us in supporting our mind and body. It's not as confusing as the often conflicting media reports suggest.

I hope this site map helps you on your good food and good health journey.



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Healthy Diet Why Care?



Diet Research & News

Healthy Diet Blog    

What’s a Healthy Diet?

A Balanced Diet

Unhealthy Foods

MyPlate Food Pyramid


Healthy Diet Tips

Food Labels

Menu Info Reduces Calorie Intake

Low Glycemic

Organic Food

Anti-oxidants- Oracs



Adrenal Fatigue & Stress

Adrenal fatigue diet for stress

Omega 3's and mental stress

Omega 3's


Blood Sugar & Diabetes

Testing Blood Sugar

Diabetes Diet Information

Best Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

Low Glycemic Diet

Foods to Balance Blood Sugar

Metabolic Syndrome Diet

How Artificial Sweeteners boost blood sugar

Anti-inflammatory Diet


Cardio Health & Diet

Healthy Heart

Heart Supplements

High Blood Pressure

Cholesterol Diet Tips

Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Grapes to Lower Blood Pressure



Omega 3s



Anemia & Food

Anemia Diet Basics

Iron Rich Foods

Folic Acid         Folic Acid Foods

B12         B12 Foods



Key Nutrients

Multi-vitamins and are they worth it?


Omega 3 Benefits  Omega 3 foods   Omega 3 & stress 

Vitamin C                            How C Kills TB

Vitamin D            Vitamin D Foods        Vitamin D Boost      How Much is too much D


Zinc        Zinc Foods

Magnesium        Magnesium Foods



Selenium            Selenium Foods

B12         B12 Foods

Folic Acid    Folic Acid Foods

Iron Rich Foods


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