Vitamin B12 Foods
A List to Make Sure You Get Yours

The key when it comes to Vitamin B12 foods is that all are animal products.

Bottom line, you can’t get B12 from eating plant foods… including, as some claim, nutritional yeast or seaweed.  The B12 in these foods is not a bioavailable form.

Vitamin B12 benefits for good health


This means that vegans or those who eat little or no meat, seafood or cheese will have to get their B12 quota via supplements or fortified foods or … and don’t even think about it…. risk deficiency.


Simply put, B12 is a major player in such important physiological functions as red blood cell production, healthy brain and nerve function and DNA production and repair.


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...but without further ado, here is your list of top B12 sources in order that you can get the B12 you need.


Vitamin B12 Foods*

Micrograms (Mcg) per 3.5 oz/100g

Lamb liver - 104 mcg

Clams – 98 mcg

Beef liver - 80 mcg

Lamb kidney - 63 mcg

Calf’s liver - 60 mcg

Chicken liver – 25 mcg

Oysters – 18 mcg

Sardines – 17 mcg

Heart - 11 mcg

Egg yolks - 6 mcg

Heart, lamb - 5.2 mcg

Trout - 5 mcg

Brain - 4 mcg

Salmon - 4 mcg

Tuna - 4 mcg

Lamb - 2.1 mcg

Sweetbreads - 2.1 mcg

Egg -2 mcg

Whey, dried - 2 mcg

Lean Beef - 1.8 mcg

Swiss cheese - 1.8 mcg

Brie cheese - 1.6 mcg

Gruyère cheese - 1.6 mcg

Blue cheese - 1.4 mcg

Haddock, flesh - 1.3 mcg

Flounder - 1.2 mcg

Scallops - 1.2 mcg

Cheddar cheese - 1 mcg

Mozzarella cheese - 1 mcg

Halibut -1 mcg

Perch – 1 mcg

Swordfish – 1 mcg

*List from Clinical Nutrition, a Functional approach, second edition, Deana Liska among others, published by The Institute for Functional Medicine, 2004


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