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There is a smorgasbord of healthy diet information in the media that promotes a dizzying array of food cures, so-called healing or health diets and tips for healthy eating and effective weight loss. Unfortunately, the information can be confusing, sometimes conflicting and, at worst, inaccurate or unreliable.

What to eat, or what not to eat? - That is the question.

If you are like me, instead of clarifying what foods and supplements my family and I should eat or avoid in order to address a specific medical concern or achieve a balanced diet, you could feel more in the soup after hearing the latest nutritional advice than before.

After trying to educate myself, I often had no idea what the best foods or supplements were to maintain a healthy weight; deal with a thyroid condition, infertility, constipation, hemorrhoids, or, for that matter; avoid osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes or heart disease. What was a healthy balanced diet anyway and why did it have to sound so complicated?

So much for that essential question so many want to answer.

"What should I eat to live a long and healthy life, slow the aging process and prevent and manage illness?"

Why something so simple as eating should be so complicated?

Because my search for health and vitality for me and my family and readers resulted in sometimes contradictory information about healthy diets and healthy eating; I've been grateful to anyone who could make sense of the mystery dishes on the buffet table of scientific and nutritional research and explain - in straightforward terms - what to eat and not eat.

Healthy-Diet-Healthy-You.com is the resource I wished I had when I wanted concise clear answers to these complex nutritional issues.

As a freelance health writer and mother of a young child who's had to deal with several of her own and her family’s health conditions, this web site stems from a curiosity and passion for how the food we eat affects how we feel and function.

What you eat, drink and breathe matters.

Of the top 10 causes of death in the US - heart, stroke, cancer and diabetes are acknowledged by experts to be lifestyle diseases where unhealthy diet, along with being overweight and physically inactive, are major risk factors in the development and progression of these killer conditions.

For heart and stroke; diet, obesity and physical inactivity are a whopping 90 to 95% risk factor;

For cancer they are a 30- 35% risk factor;

For diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes an 80% risk.

The jury is in.

Diet, both healthy and unhealthy ones, affects mental health too; something you know, if you've ever skipped breakfast or lunch and experienced growing irritation, loss of concentration, fatigue and possibly brain fog. Scientists have demonstrated that certain foods and nutrients affect the production and function of neurotransmitters, hormones and enzymes, the proper functioning of which are key to mental well-being.

It's no surprise that food and drink and the air you breathe – the fuel for all cells in the human body - affect how a person feels and functions, for better or worse. A nutritious diet, along with exercise, plays a key role in overall health as well as the development and progression of specific medical conditions.

The good news about a healthy diet plan

Diet and exercise are two factors which you control, unlike bad genes, bad germs, bad environment and other factors that may lead to illness or premature aging. With the right information you can make changes in your diet that can result in positive changes to your health.

A healthy diet and a healthy you are certainly worth the effort.