Healthy Food Recipes for a Healthy You

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Healthy eating plans involve having some healthy food recipes at your fingertips so you can prepare nutritious and delicious meals for you and your family at the drop of a hat.

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What is all about? 

Healthy-Diet-Healthy-You is all about your learning what your body needs food and nutrition wise to remain healthy and feel good. Good food and good nutrition go hand in hand. They are not mutually exclusive, although one might think that with all the conflicting diet books and advice in magazines and on the web. It's dizzying, if not occasionally discouraging.

Good Food and Good Nutrition for everyone, even the non-experts

The  art of eating well should not be some mystery  known only to diet doctors, nutritionists and those who come up with yet another diet that has you counting calories; cholesterol; carbs or whatever the latest fad has you doing. When eating becomes an arithmetic exercise, you know you are in trouble. 

Similarly, good food should not be the ken of celebratory chefs on the Food Channel. Preparing and consuming nutritious food that tastes good and looks brilliant is one of the joys that even kids can and should indulge in.

More and more innovative chefs like Jamie Oliver and the like are bringing the notion that healthy food can taste good, be easy to make, and should be available not just to foodies but school children, let alone overworked parents, seniors with health issues and the rest of us scrambling to feel good, stay healthy and savor the joys of life, when we can catch our breath.

...Food is one of those joys - as is good health.

What food do you need to thrive, and are you getting it?

We can and should all be aware of what food our bodies need to thrive. This is especially the case when we're confronted with so much in the modern diet that can derail us.

Look at the foods that are advertised on television  - some  may not qualify as food or are not something anybody a 100 years ago would ever have encountered on a plate. Most of the advertized fare is highly processed, but at the same time also bears a  banner of so called health claims  proclaiming  it to be heart healthy, low sodium, low fat, low cal or low sugar...

But when was the last time you saw a TV or magazine advert for apples - apple strudel yes, but apples? And when did something as simple to make as rolled oats become a packaged meal laced with sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives?

We are all entitled to good food that's healthy and nutritious and that gets us excited about the joys of eating.

Enjoying cooking at least one meal a week from scratch...

One of the most immediate way of enjoying this aspect of good food is by cooking your own - using healthy food recipes.

Don't worry if you can't do it all the time. Start with one home cooked meal a week. Include your kids in the task, if that's something that might make it more fun - nix the idea, if it's more of a hassle. The main thing is that you cook one meal a week from scratch with ingredients that are wholesome, nutritious AND that you like to eat.

Skip the liver if you don't like liver.

Remember this is not homework - it is enjoying life and nourishing your health and spirit.

So Where do Healthy Food Recipes come in?

The idea of this page is to provide you with a regular mix of healthy food recipes that you can use to boost the nutritional and gustatory aspects of a healthy diet.

The problem for all of us is that sometimes we get in ruts. We eat the same ol' same ol'. It's easy to do with grocery stores that carry strawberries regardless of the season, instead of rotating foods based on what is available locally. It's also easy to do when you have kids - notoriously conservative when it comes to new food.

Click on the below for healthy food recipes, that highlight one or two nutrients or health issues that you may want to focus on for your or your family, depending on your particular health needs and life circumstances.

Perhaps you want to increase your dietary zinc intake to improve immune function? Maybe it's non dairy sources of calcium, you want to consider.

Real Food versus supplements?

So what about supplements? Supplements can play an important role in reversing nutritional deficiencies or dealing with certain health problems and I don't knock them.  However, the best source of nutrients is from fresh unprocessed food consumed as part of a well balanced diet. You can't beat the synergestic effect of nutrients contained in real food and it should be your prime source for nutrients. Supplements do just that; they supplement and shouldn't become a replacement for what you best get from a well balanced diet.

I hope some of these healthy food recipes can play a part in you savoring  the good life and good health.

Healthy Food Recipes

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Healthy Food Recipes for a Healthy You

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